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My review for Arlo Security Camera

What is the Arlo Security System?

Battery powered DIY security cameras are usually not common. This is because they usually come with major trade-offs such as giving up the live streaming and reducing the HD video quality, to prevent constant battery swap.
The Arlo indoor/outdoor security camera is therefore a surprise introduction in this field. Powered by 4 CR123 lithium battery, with an impressive stated battery life of 4 – 6 months, it displays in 720p HD quality, is motion sensitive, comes with 4 magnetic mounts, and is night vision equipped. This way, it is able to maintain the ideals of a modern security camera, while eliminating the need for constant plug-in to a power outlet. At $179 though, it does not particularly come cheap. However, its adaptability to both outdoor and indoor conditions makes it a winner.

Security Features

Each Arlo cameras has a 1300 field of view and have an operating rang of about 300 feet from the hub. The night vision functionality is powered by 850nm LEDs which illuminates up to 25 feet keeping the video quality crisp and clear even at night. However, certain obstacles could interfere with the signal and reduce coverage range. The battery life is also subject to distance between the camera and the hub, video quality, and how often you access its live streaming functionality.
An operating temperature range of 140 to 1220 Fahrenheit ensures that the security camera is comfortably used as an outdoor security system. While its palm-sized nature allows it to be easily slot into any environment without being easily noticed.
Armed with an intuitive mobile app and up to 1GB free cloud storage, plus responsive motion sensors, Netgear’s Arlo security system keeps you in the know of going-ons in and around the house. The combination of the motion sensors and the mobile app sees you receive real-time security alerts on the app and your email once the sensors are triggered. The adjustable motion sensitivity allows you adjust sensitivity levels to meet with temperature requirements, while conserving battery life.
Equipped with its own power adapter, connecting it to the available Ethernet router sets it up for use, with connectivity to up to 5 individual cameras–upgradeable through paid subscription. The mobile app lets you set camera schedules, adjust camera view and settings, and select a day to view your saved clips. An included battery indicator keeps you aware of battery levels. Unfortunately, it lacks an integrated microphone and speaker in its setup.

1. 720p HD video
2. Customizable live streaming
3. Strong battery life
1. Lack of integrated microphone
2. Battery immediately drops in lower temperatures

What are people saying about it?

Customers are satisfied with the easy setup ability and the excellent video quality of the security system. People love the fact that it has good battery life.